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Part 2

The Dress Shirt

In the last blog, we talked about the many different parts of the suit jacket that you can customize according to your style and personality and now, we are going to look closer on how to customize another part of a suit that is considered the most versatile: the dress shirt.

For most men, dress shirt is an everyday staple. You probably have plenty of them on your wardrobe without realizing the details on each shirt. Two obvious details are the fabric and the length of the sleeve. Cotton is one of the most common one, linen for more breathable option and flannel to combat the cold weather. As for sleeves, you probably use short sleeves for those hot days and long sleeves for the cooler days. Customizing your shirt goes way beyond choosing the right fabric and the length of the sleeves.

We are now going to go into details on the parts of shirt you can customize. This will include choosing the right fit and other specific details such as collar and plackets.

The Fit

shirt fit

As we already know, the biggest benefit of custom-tailored clothes is the fit. It is specifically true for the dress shirt. Some of you may have an unfortunate experience in the store where the shirt that is supposedly your size doesn’t fit you. Maybe they look big on you or the back of the shirt is ballooning showing the excess fabric. Fixing this kind of problem is likely to be as expensive as tailoring a new shirt. This is why shirt has to fit perfectly on you.

Now that you know the importance of perfect fit, you are ready choose the fit style to achieve your desired look.

The Classic Fit (Regular Fit)

classic fit

This fit focuses on the comfort of the user. It usually allows you to move around with no constriction. It may be less fashionable, but it will be a great choice if you are looking for something that you can wear all day with your jacket. This fit normally come with two pleats on the back near the yoke of your shirt.

The Slim Fit

slim fit

Many businesses today are no longer requiring men to wear suit to work. If you don’t have to wear suit to work, you probably choose the slim fit over the regular fit. Slim fit looks more fashionable so if you are going for this style, slim fit will accentuate your shape.

Shirt Collar Styles

Collar is the first part of your shirt that is visible for other people. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right collar that enhance your look. Commonly, there are 6 different collar types.

The Classic Collar

As it says in the name, the classic collar is timeless. Shirt with this type of collar is a must-have item on your wardrobe. This collar will go well with any types of shirt and they look great with necktie.

The Spread Collar

If you are looking for a shirt for casual use, we recommend you to have a spread collar. They will look great with or without necktie.

The Button-Down Collar

Aside from the classic collar, the button-down collar is widely used for shirt. This collar will look great for a more formal look.

The Club Collar

The use of club collar dated back in the last 19th century Britain. Unlike the other type of collar, the collar come with rounded corners. While it looks great for any occasions, most people choose this collar for a sportier look.

The Winged Collar

This collar is exclusively worn with a tuxedo which you will normally pair with a bowtie.

The Mandarin Collar

If you are looking for a casual look to wear with chinos, the mandarin collar shirt will be a great choice for you. However, this type of shirt will also look great if you choose to wear them with the mandarin suit.  If you want to stand out in crowd then this is the perfect one for you.

Shirt Cuff Styles

Cuffs are another part of your dress shirt that will be easily noticed by your friends or colleagues.

Traditionally, French cuff is used in formal events. Therefore, if you are attending a formal event such as weddings or galas this will be a great choice for you. In a black-tie event that called for tuxedo, your tuxedo shirt will most likely to come with French cuffs. Since French cuff required cufflinks, you can personalize your look depending on the occasions.

For both everyday use and formal events, you can choose rounded cuff or angled cuff. You can choose whether you want 1 button on each cuff or 2 buttons. If you do not want to go your way buying cufflinks, the rounded cuff and the angled cuff will be a better choice for you.


The placket is one of the main elements of the shirt. Although you may cover it with your jacket, the placket is still in the center of position of your shirt and should not be neglected when you want to customize your shirt. There are 3 different plackets that you can choose from: traditional placket which shows the fold and the stitch box of the buttons, French placket or seamless placket and hidden placket that feature an extra flap that hides your buttons.


Just as jacket, when you order a custom-made dress shirt, it comes with a highly customization options. Your shirt will be carefully designed for you to fit your unique style. It may be easy to buy a shirt off the rack but you will not get the perfect shirt made just for you.

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